Colooring book 3:16, A garland of Grace


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'Study and meditate on the Book of Proverbs as you settle in and enjoy the calming nature of coloring. Inside the beautifully bound coloring book you will find 58 illustrated single-sided pages to color, each with stylized text from Proverbs. In addition to the full coloring pages, there are 4 pages of inspiring cards, gift cards and book marks to color and share. Not only does the book provide creative expression to your devotions, it's a pastime to share with your friends and family. Each page is perforated for easy removal and display. The book is bound in heavy-duty stock with embossed text and design and lavish applications of spot-varnish and rose gold foil. - Perforated One-Side Printed Sturdy Pages - Designed for Fun - Serenity - Calmness & Quiet Inspiration - 58 Full Page Ink Drawings With - Scripture From Proverbs - Includes 4 Pages With Gift Tags - Bookmarks - Cards to Color - Presentation Page for Gift-Giving - Size 279 x 216 x 10 mm